Fusionx963 takes the role of Aaron in UTAUWikiFell.



Fusion is very hyperactive and agressive. He has many different interests. He likes to draw, flex, play video games (his favorite being Minecraft), and do origami, among other things. He has Autism and ADHD, both of which are highly functioning. This makes Fusion very random and unpredictable.


Fusion wears a pair of glasses so he can see, a digital watch, a survival bracelet and a red shirt with an Omnitrix logo on it, all of these excluding the glasses he found at the Garbage Dump. The shirt used to have sleeves, but they tore when Fusion flexed in front of a mirror. Fusion thinks his shirt looks better this way. He also has a toxic symbol tattooed on his left bicep.

In Battle


  • A 3-headed origami crane flies into Ink Sans's SKILL.
  • An orange and a blue colored pencil spin across the bullet board, meaning Ink will have to either move or stand still. The blue pencil spins clockwise and the orange counterclockwise.


  • That's correct. [Check]

Flavor Text

  • The founder of the wiki. He can permaban you right now. [Check]
  • Fusion flexes in! [Encounter]
  • Fusion wants you out of his wiki and his hippie mane. [Neutral/Pacifist]