Wiki Temmie is the child of Createsans and Wikiperson, as well as the adoptive sibling of Cinder. She is the final boss of the True Pacifist Route.




She is an anthropomorphic cat-dog-goat Wiki User. She wears a darkish-red long sleeved shirt with black stripes. She also wears black pants. WikiT has black, shoulder length hair. She has dog ears on the side of her head. Her tail is always seen bristled. Instead of her cat ears, she has horns. She also has a pair of sharp, visible fangs and long, sharp retractable claws, and fingerless gloves. She wears a black spiked collar.

God of Ultradeath


Ultra Form



Wiki Temmie is shown having a rude and cruel personality. She is also extremely aggressive and hostile. She only cares about herself. She is very spoiled and attacks anyone who doesn't do what she wants with weak paint magic. She was happy being an only child and was exited to rule over the ENTIRE Wiki all by herself, deleting articles that had a chance to improve, and blocking users who she thought were just annoying, for no reason, or because of their username or profile pic/how they acted.

She blocks users for no valid reason, and may even end one's life if she is agitated enough.

She deserved her block lmao



Wiki Temmie was upset when she realized she had to rule alongside Cinder. She hates her, and tried to block her once, as well as attack her. She made an entire list of reasons to block Cinder globally, or atleast let another family with less power adopt her. It didn't work, dammit.

She likes to bully her by attacking her with ridiculously weak paint magic and by scratching her with her sharp claws.


Sometimes hates her mom because she adopted Cinder. Also bothers her about her plans to get rid of Cinder and let WikiT be the ruler of the entire Fell wiki, just because she wants power. Create hates her as Deletey.

Create is unaware WikiT is Deletey.


Same as Create, hates him because of his decision to adopt Cinder, bothers him about Cinder, is annoying to him.

WikiP is unaware WikiT is Deletey.

Other Users

Hates them and judges users based on their username and profile pic. Likes to protect their user profile pages just because she doesn't like their usernames/profile pics, or because they have a really good username she always wanted.

She attacks them by slashing them with her claws, and biting them as well as sometimes using her paint attacks. She may have killed a User once because they didn't bow to her.