TheNitroFlamer is really egotistical wanting people to like him and his work, but he rarely shows it. Rather than being over-the-top and flamboyant, he is cold and hateful, but hides it really well under emotionless, quiet monotone. He is really violent and sadistic, enjoying the pain of others, mainly if those people hate any of his videos. Although he does seem like he enjoys other peoples pain, he prefers his own pain, often trying to injure himself, even though he has a lot of trouble doing so. He is kind of nerdy, but never shows it.


  • Unlike his UTAUWikiTale counterpart, he was NOT killed by this AU's version of Burgerpants (Crazy Nude Artist Sans, or in this AU's case, Violent Guilded Artist Sans). Instead, he was murdered by his own masochism (Meaning he killed himself accidentally). Funnily enough, VGAS was the one who disposed of TNF's dead body.
  • TNF almost never uses his normal form, as he finds it degrading.