As the name say, Hadrian is a fox originally born in average pages 1. His personnality radically change than the original from utauwikitale. Merciless and violent against his enemies.


Same as the UTAUWikiTale Version, he wears a leather coat and shoulder pads with the delta rune symbol. In this version he don't wear gauntlets and boots so you can see his claws. His pupil is now blue and his eye red.


A great imagination that lead to new artworks creation. Also he can use dark magic to edit bad artworks and make cool stories.


  • Friends: Like Asriel/Flowey will not hurt him in any case. He is also pacifist with the river person.


Normal story:

Hadrian is a fox that loves surfing through the wiki pages, after created his own alternate universe DarkTale. He is also particularly attentive to new created AUs, it makes him sad when a new AU don't have artworks or a great story behind him. He enjoys drawing and spriting. As he has some skills with guitars, he try to create themes for AUs's characters, but that is very difficult since he isn't a music composer after all ....

FELL story:

A mercenary Hired by the King to capture dead or alive a human. Also more powerful than the neutral/pacifist route, the battle is faster than in neutral with more bullets.

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