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Welcome to the wiki for the UTAUWikiFell AU. This is a 'fell' variation of UTAUWikiTale which is an Undertale AU. This Wiki may contain spoilers for Undertale, UTAUWikiTale and all AU variants of WikiTale and will expect you to be familiar with these Universes.

Basic description of the AU

The UTAUWikiTale is an alternative universe to Undertale in which the monsters are replaced with Users on the UndertaleAU Wiki and a few other cast members are replaced with OCs. The role of Frisk is played by Ink!Sans.

A fell variant is a tone shift AU in which the generally nice and relatively agreeable cast are given a more aggressive attitude and appearance with the exception of whoever is in the role of Flowey. The Flowey equivalent tends to assist the Frisk equivalent throughout their adventure. These AUs are generally more 'edgy' than the ones they are based off.

Latest activity

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